Marc Van der Linden: We ask you to resign from all media work! Bloodline discussion OVER since Third Reich!

Prince Waldemar further states: Von der Linden the selfmade royal reporter of the Netherlands does not stop spreading lies about the Princely Family Schaumburg Lippe Nachod! This man must be stopped.

Marc Van der Linden: We ask you to resign from all media work! Bloodline discussion over since 3. Reich!

I think there must be something wrong with this man!

– He never met our family.
– He called our son His Highness Prince Mario-Max once and asked him for the truth, my son told him all he was curious about, but still he does not stop discrimination and harrasement!

His false statements we clearly assume that he wanted to stop airing our son’s hit TV Show Coming To Holland Prins Zoekt Vrouw on SBS 6, because our son is adopted.

Yes our son is adopted, and we are proud of him.

He is tripple adopted because he is adopted from
my husbands aunt a princess
from may husband a prince
and from his birthmother!

We are proud of him because he is busy, helpful, intelligent and caring.

Prins Mario-Max works eighteen hours a day and worked still when he got sick from the lies of a stalker.

Prins Mario-Max does charities since he was a child and he works hard with hands and brain.

Prins Mario-Max never discriminates.

Mister van der Linden even distributed photo referals of one of our houses in the Internet without our approval, and made bad comments all over the web. The old German house, the owner before us were a very honorable busy german enterpreneur, is wonderful. Van der Linden discriminates with his comment regular german people, millions of people live in houses like this.

Van der Linden hides from his readers, that the father of Prins Mario Max inherited two of europe’s biggest castles he fights for registry at the European law courts.

Because of false and fabricated previous gossip articles a jealous stalker of the Schaumburg-Lippe family may have sent to him, he asked questions, how our 94 years old adoptive-mother died, which was after a wonderful life in a hospital in America, where her mother was born.

As Van der Linden does not stop his lies we see his motives as follows:
– He wants to ruin the reportation of our son.
– He wants to ruin the career of our son.
– He wants to ruin the health of our son.
– He does not confess who sent him false information.
– He does not write how the criminal law court in germany has dealt with people who spread lies about our family and fined in amounts of several hundred thousand dollars who invent things! Our family is very reputable and the only fake thing is statements by Mister van der Linden.

– He is blindsited and full of hate and harrassement,

– Like a sadist or an vampire he says, things like bloodline are important:
Only in the Third Reich there were discussions about blood, and a real royal reporter should know, what he writes!

We live in 2010 and no human should be discriminated about his family. It is written in the Legal framework of the European Community and the human rights.
Mario-Max Prinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe is a german prince and the only applicable german law system regarding his name and birth registry, and wherever a german citizen travels, strictly prohibits false reports like Van Der Linden’s extremist blood line statements. The family is shocked that the durch did not take action against such extrimist statemets and abuse of medie exposure against such an individual abusing the title reporter.

But nobody will stop this man called Mister van der Linden, because a forensic psychiatrist told us, if somebody hates, noone can not stop his action.


Waldemar Prinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe-Nachod and wife Gertraud-Antonia.


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