TV-Host & Journalist PRINCE MARIO-MAX SCHAUMBURG-LIPPE filming at 42nd People’s Choice Awards 2016

TV-Host & Journalist PRINCE MARIO-MAX SCHAUMBURG-LIPPE filming at 42nd People’s Choice Awards 2016

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In a star studded Mega-Award-Ceremony Kate Hudson, Ellen DeGeneres, Johnny Depp and many more A-listers got honored at the Microsoft Theater in attendance of more then 7000 guests. The entire entertainment and artist elite was present and the broadcast went live on CBS. I had the honor to film for BNow! a new huge online TV-production and TV-syndication by Burda Intermedia, the leading people publishing group of europe with INStyle, Bunte and Playboy. Check it out and see Ellen, Hudson, Andre Soriano and Vincent de Paul in my interview, McCarthy and Sandra Bullock and fun background facts.


My brand new BNow! show is on and thanks Christian and Simone for the great editing:

<a href=”″>…/exklusive-bilder-des-people-s-choice-aw…</a>

On the Red Carpet it was fabulous to meet fellow artists I admire for their great work. Kate Hudson, whom I know from the American Cinemateque that I support and who is one of the most charming entertainers, Ellen DeGeneres who is THE most entertaining talk show host of America as she turned from being a comedian into her current hostess role. By the way our Astro TV Leichter Leben and Astro Royal hostess of my show Andrea Plewig is her amazing talented equivalent in Germany, Austrian and Swiss TV.


After a stunning speech against bullying by Ellen, Sandra Bullock was referring a lot to her son and we could tell she even misses him after being gone for a few hours to the award ceremony. She adopted a wonderful son and I talked to her german and told her about a new project and she is interested in that, yeah!
Amber Valetta who was in – Hitch The Date Doctor – with my buddy Ryan Cross made a great Award presentation and Katherine McNamara made a stunning appearance. Frankie Grande wore the most stunning light blue blazer and Jordan Smith – The Voice – sang amazing and we met later at one of the afterparties, a truly nice guy.


I attended two Afterparties, one at the Ritz Carlton Wolfgang Puck restaurant W24 that had amazing city views of Downtown LA, its on the 24th floor of an all glass high-rise, and then at the famous model hang out Katsuya, where I even got my favorite dish the crispy rice and spicy tuna. Oh what a night – not to miss – and 2017 I will be back on the Red Carpet of the People Choice Awards! And next year I will invite my Parents H.H. Prince Waldemar and H.H. Dr. Princess Antonia Schaumburg-Lippe to even bring in a princely touch ❤

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Die People Choice Awards gelten mit ihrer 42 jährigen Geschichte und durch die Auswahl der Gewinner direkt durch die Fans, als beliebtester Preis bei den Stars. Ich war begeistert die immer so herzliche Kate Hudson wieder zu sehen, die ich von der American Cinemateque kenne wo ich ein Unterstützer bin. Mit Sandra Bullock habe ich mich auf Deutsch über ein neues Projekt unterhalten und Talk-Königin Ellen DeGeneres war ganz lieb und sehr persönlich, ihre Rede kam von Herzen und ein ganz toller Mensch. Sie erinnert mich immer an meine liebste deutsche Moderatorin Andrea Plewig mit der ich so gerne Astro Royal auf Astro TV meine Adels-News-Show mache bei der deutschen Top-Producerin Christina Czech-Arnold.

Spannend ist die Premiere des neuen Formats BNow! der Burda Mediengruppe, für welche ich einen Bericht vom People´s Choice Awards mit spannenden Interviews machte. Guckt mal rein unter dem Link – und danke an den tollen Schnitt an Christian und Simone –
<a href=”″>…/exklusive-bilder-des-people-s-choice-aw…</a>


Nach einer Super Award Ceremony mit Jason Derulo und allen tollen Stars bin ich dann noch zu zwei Afterparties gegangen. Eine bei Wolfgang Puck – dem Oscar Awards Koch – im Ritz Carlton mit einer Hammer-Aussicht vom 24.Stock und danach ins Katsuya wo mein Lieblingssänger Jordan Smith Hof hielt.


2017 bin ich wieder dabei, I love the People Choice Awards, und lade nächstes Jahr meine Eltern Prinz Waldemar und Prinzessin Antonia zu Schaumburg-Lippe ein, dann bekommt der Award sogar noch einen fürstlichen touch,


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