Prins Max, His Highness Dr. Mario-Max Prinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe moves The Netherlands with SBS 6 IDTV series “COMING TO HOLLAND” prince zoegt vrouw!

Prins Max is a huge ratings hit in the netherlands and proved it again, in Germany his TV special is a network hit since its launch in march 2010. “Many Folks wrote me that the Netherlands need a new royalty Show after they saw coming to holland, and i was asked by a production company to Film it monthly which will be taugh with my full schedule”, the prince stated to a German Magazine.

( Get a bunch of Dutch in a room – or a bar – and ask them what the most exciting Royal tv-Moment this year is, and the answer will be all over the map: Prins Mario-Max coming to Holland by invitation to SBS 6. A top ratings hit that makes Dutch TV-history. The audience loves the Show with prince mwenda, prince salauddin and prince Mario-Max.

It is hard to figure out why royalty tv is a rising ratings tide from year to year all over Europe, but networks already know how to attract a huge royalty audience. In Germany the charming prince not only stared in several tv-series but also hosts Astro ROYAL the access Hollywood Style royalty magazine.

Prince Waldemar – who descended from a Danish princess and whose ancestor is princess Louisa of the Netherlands – is very proud of his son: “My son His Highness Prince Mario-Max zu Schaumburg-Lippe-Nachod is a fabulous show host. His Astro Royal is a profound smart TV-Special having nothing to do with boulevard but facts. He is a Royalty expert who is all for the facts and does not slurp around in a fat way about things he does not know. I am happy that he got a Dutch-tv offer to do a new royalty tv-show as this is something truly missing in that country: Non gossip true royalty expert tv!”.

The dashing young prince is excited about the offer:”As I have seen how much wrong is spread by people who abuse their exposure on tv to invent false fabricated stories, I need to save the Dutch from wrong information about foreign and dutch royalty, princes and their background. You can see me as a future robin hood of royalty reports in the Netherlands. And next to that I will always stand up for human rights!”

Gertraud-Antonia, the wife of H.H. Prince zu Schaumburg-Lippe-Nachod adds as former member of the legislative assembly: “Through the involvement of my son in dutch tv, my family will protect future audience from statements that speak about bloodlines and alike as we are all very happy that there is no blood and race value in modern europe of 2010 and this can not come up again. I am concerned about racism and discrimination by blood, birth or religion. Also holland might loose a lot of reputation when reporters under the cover of extrimist ‘journalism’ speak out statements close to racism, discrimination and reminding of stalking And mobbing!”.

The german prince Mario-Max Prinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe can not wait to be back to the netherlands and is expected to return in december! In company with dutch love…

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