Dr. Prince Mario-Max TV Star Column

Hello from Berlin, Germany, the city where our top rated TV-show, Mein Astro-Morgen Morning-Show, is produced and airs in syndication on Astro TV, Das Vierte, Sonnenklar TV and Potsdam TV stations. With a sweet fifty-five million customers, ASTRA Satellite targets the audience I love, and many of them love me too. On the latest “Astro Royal Show”, the segment I personally created and host for Astro TV, a kind of, “Access Hollywood” about royalty, I talked about the following topics. Britain’s Royal Highness Prince William officially announced his engagement to Miss Kate Middleton. William asked her to marry him last month while they were on vacation in Kenya. His father, Crown Prince Charles, has now changed the Duchy Home Farm over to a completely organic system to demonstrate both the environmental and commercial benefits. That is sweet.

A new royal baby of Denmark was born to HRH Prince Joachim and his wife HRH Princess Marie, and HRH the Crown Princess Mary is also expecting a new baby. Norway’s “clairvoyant” HRH Princess Maertha Louise has launched Astarte Education, an alternative school for teaching students to contact angels – like she does. She also gets in touch with the “other side” and speaks with the dead. She and I are the most spiritual royals. That is why I love her so much. You can visit the show’s website and even an online stream at: http://www.astrotv.de/astrotv/cms/de/startseite/index.html

My new show, “The Undercover Prince”, aired in prime time in November and December, and another episode will air in January on the European TV network, SBS 6, a Sat 1 Pro 7 Media group network. My friends Prince Mwenda from Africa, and Prince Sallauddin from India, and I, went to Holland as undercover princes, ala America’s “Undercover Boss”. We had a blast, and millions of Dutch viewers now recognize me. There are a lot of them around the world since their ancestors were seafarers and explorers.

In Germany, teleshopping for my products was wild! Astro TV’s shop made my new fragrance line I developed with Kepa Kauwe one of the biggest cosmetics startups in German history. In addition, our Crown Prince and Crown Princess perfumes and our new Reichtum Collier perfume have become top sellers. The scents are amazing, and many royals love them and are now wearing them.

Reichtum Collier is a “crown jewel” by declaration of HH Prince Waldemar, my royal father, and it enhances your energy to become wealthy by a thousand times. In other words, it makes you feel rich and happy! “So You Think You Can Dance” hostess, Mary Murphy also loves Reichtum, which means “wealth” in German, a pretty green colored perfume. Check out my full line of fragrances by going to http://www.astrotv.de/shop and then click on Expertenprodukte Prinz Mario Max.

I celebrated my birthday on December 23 with my parents, but due to snow, all our European flights were delayed. Flying via Amsterdam, I was recognized at the airport from my hit TV show, “Undercover Prince”, and many fans wanted autographs and pictures with me. I was too tired to do any work, so while on the plane, I took an hour long power nap. My parents and I spent the Christmas holiday weekend keeping warm, and going to movies. We saw and loved, “Tangled” and “Gulliver”, both in 3-D, and had a blast. I give “Tangled” 5 out of 5 crowns and think it is one of the best Disney films ever. The music is touching and the main character is so like me; blonde hair, blue eyes, and cute, lol! I was also touched by “Gulliver” and the very funny Jack Black, and give the movie 4 crowns.

As I’m sure you all know, there was a huge snowstorm in New York City this week. Europeans, especially the southern Germans like me, and the Austrians and the Swiss, could not believe it when they heard about the St. Moritz-like snow in Manhattan. We loved to read about it, and we laughed hysterically over the news headlines about the snow. It was only snow, and it’s December. It’s supposed to be like this! Most European cities like Vienna and Munich have only one river to shovel the snow into, and New York City has water all around it, but the city was paralyzed by the snow. It was disappointing that the streets didn’t get cleaned for days, so it was really great that the subways didn’t totally shut down, except for the A-train, which was trapped by the ice and snow. NY1 TV reporter, Christopher Mullen, was trapped on it for a nightmarish nine hours, poor guy. But, I’m glad he put a segment about the stoppage on world news! I am always amused when I see a subway attendant using her cell phone in her cozy warm booth, talking with her unlimited plan until the battery dies. The city’s sidewalks looked like slides full of snow, but some people might have thought, “Who cares?” Then when people began to slip and fall, the media said it was a catastrophe, and the citizens agreed. The children loved the mountains of snow in Times Square, and Central Park which was a winter paradise. I sat at a Starbucks visiting with a table full of New Yorkers, and they were nearly hysterical over frozen water called, S N O W. I reminded them snow is normal this time of year, and they began to think about it and agree with me. Just out of curiosity, I checked to see if the closed down airports were stopping the sun-seekers of NYC, but no, there’s a direct Amtrak train that goes straight to Miami. To be honest, I was fine with the snowy weather, but I still love the heat, so I checked the train website just because I was curious. I wasn’t the first to do so, because the seats were sold out. The next closest snow-free destination was the Carolinas via a Peter Pan Bus. It was under $50, but that didn’t include a t-shirt. It’s a bit too far north and cold for a warm getaway, but they have Krispy Kreme Donuts on every corner, —and sweets heat you up. Snow, or no – “live life to the max.” Prince Mario-Max, Berlin.


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